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Become part of a community full of great and selfless people willing to help one another achieve their dreams. Join a digital platform which allows you to be part of a global mutual aid using the latest technology


free yourself from the world of greedy and selfish monopolies promoted by the world leading paper money systems that tie us in debt and poverty.


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About Us

Onihaxy Media Scripts Is A Social Financial Platform That Has Been Designed For Communities To Donate Money To Each Other Directly, In A Peer To Peer Method, Where A Large Community Of People Donates Money To Each Other, In Order To Help Each Other Fulfil Projects Or Personal Obligations. Donations Y Is Not A Bank. Donations Y Does Not Collect Your Money. Donations Y Is Not An Online Business, HYIP Or MLM Program Because It Does Not Have A Central Bank Account Into Which All Users Give Money Into. Instead, Users Are Paired Together With Other Users On The Platform, And They Donate To Each Other Directly, Of Their Own Free Will.

After Making Such Donation A Participant Receives Up To 100% Bonus For Whatever They Donate Every 10 Days. We Give You A Technical Basic Program, Which Helps Millions Of Participants Worldwide To Find Those Who NEED Help, And Those Who Are Ready To PROVIDE Help For FREE; No Lenders & No Debtors.

Everything Is Very Simple; One Participant Asks For Help – Another One Helps. When You Provide Help To A Member, Another Will Provide Help To You With 100% Increase In 10 Days Maximum After RECOMMITTING To Provide Another Help To Keep The Empire Healthy.

All Funds Transferred To Other Participants Are Help Given At Your Own Good Will To Another Participant In The Community.

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We have Flexible packages designed for you which you can pick from. simply LOGIN or REGISTER to pick any package that suit you..


For issues and dispute resolution, we have an email support team as well as 27/7 livechat support


This script is super secured with DDOS protection as well as MD% one way password encryption to prevent the system from hackers.

How it Works

Summarily, you declare the willingness to Provide Help by making a pledge. The Help provided will start growing from the moment you make the pledge (at the rate of 100% in 10days). Within 5 days of making your pledge you will be paired to make donation directly to a participant (or participants) whose details are given to you. These details includes; recipient’s name, recipient’s bank account details and recipient’s contact detail. After making the said payment to the recipient, then you indicate that the payment has been made by uploading your proof of payment (POP).

Upon receiving the said amount, the recipient indicates that the donation has been received. Within the next 10daysfrom your PH date, your maturity time is completed and you are due to receive payment of your initial investment and incentive (100%) after recommitting atleast 50% of your matured investment within the 11th and 12th day. E.g. you have announced willingness to assist with $100, the yield amount will immediately start growing! 10days later, this $100 will become $200, but you will have to provide another help of atleast $100 again within the 11th and 12th day before you can receive your matured investment ($200), this is to keep the Empire strong and healthy.

That is how it works. (This write up is editable to fit your own plan and structure

What we stand For

These are what makes us Outstanding.


We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash.
We also believe that everyone should have a financial freedom and liberty


The well being of the populace are our long-term lead. The commitment of our members sets us stand out from the crowd, while we develop people for the enduring liability in a real-time process.


The system merge you Automatically to your uplines while a downline will also be automatically merge to pay you. this system has an Auto re-commitment / Auto recycle feature so you are Safe.

Credibility Scores

What Is Credibility Score: Credibility Score Index Is A Custom Rating Logic Implemented Into The System To Ensure Fair-Play And Honesty. Each New Account Is Started With 0% Rating, However, Penalties Are Enforced When Guidelines Are Broken, Which Lead To The Deduction Of Score Point. This Is To Ensure All Members Act And Respond According To The Guidelines Of The Community. Meanwhile Obeying The Guidelines Increases Your Credibility Score.
Credibility Score Becomes Cashable At Every 100%.

Credibility Score Rewards Include The Following:
1. If You Insert All Information Correctly, Having Your Email And Phone Number Verified. (5%)
2. If You Upload Your True Profile Picture. (20%)
3. Paying And Confirming Quick Enough Whenever You Are Paired To Make Donation, Or Whenever You Receive Donation .I.E. Within 12hrs (5%)
4. Referral Credibility Is 10%
5. For User Who Submitted Letter Of Happiness. (5%) Penalties Include The Following:
1. If You Are Paired And You Contact The Money-Receiving Member, Asking For A 24hr Time Extension To Make Payment, Once He/She Approves In His Account, You Will Lose 25% Of Your Credibility Score.
2. If You Offer To Provide Help And You Cancel The Offer (Before You Are Paired), 5% Score Point Will Be Deducted From Your Credibility Score Card.
3. Unnecessary Delay In Confirming Received Payment If Found Guilty Later Reduces Point By 10%.
4. If Discovered That Your Profile Contains Wrong Profile Picture/ Information, 50% Will Be Deducted.
5. If You Fail To Provide Help To A Paired Member And Expiry Date Elapses, Your Credibility Score Will Be Wiped Out To Zero (0), Which Leads To Automatic Profile Suspension.
6. Account/Profile Suspension Means You Will No Longer Be Able To Place Or Receive Help From This Platform, For Resolution, Please Send A Request To Support Or Contact A Representative Through The Live-Chat..

(This write up is fully editable to your taste and plans



click on register button from the homepage, fill out all the forms correctly to register an account and be part of this great family.


After registration of account, please check your email for the email verification code. you will also get an sms verification code.


After verification of your account, proceed to your dashboard to fill in your personal details and account details. these information are not editable after filling. so, fill in correct information.


After filling your account details, proceed to GH page and make a pledge.


your pledges will be merged and the system will assign you to make a payment to another member of the family. please do it cheerfully and wait for your reward.


After making your pledge, your maturity days and every other bonuses will be displayed on your dashboard. you will get merge to GH when you reach your maturity day.

Our Address

For questions, Enquiries and orders, contact Onihaxy Media scripts via.

  • + 2348069816682
  • info@onihaxy.com.com
  • www.onihaxy.com/web-designs